Create a kaleidoscope of colour at your wedding

Create a kaleidoscope of colour at your wedding

In an industry where whites and pastels are beginning to become a thing of the past, and vibrant colour is very much the fashionable choice, choosing the perfect décor has never been more important. Whilst many wedding decoration experts have a vast array of table displays, back drops, drapes and lighting to choose from, if you’re looking to create a setting that combines a multitude of different tones, it’s important to select adornments that work beautifully together.

It’s because of this necessity to bring out a depth of different colours at modern weddings and civil ceremonies that we have created an innovative new solution to the conventional Love Letter. As the ‘go to’ decoration for weddings up and down the country, the illuminated Love Letter light has become a mainstay of ceremonies and receptions, providing vintage lighting and the perfect backdrop for many new weddings.

But whilst it’s not unusual to have Love Lights at a wedding these days, we have created a truly innovative alternative to the conventional letter lights. Crafted to the finest specification and available in a range of letter configurations, our love lights are truly unique because of the colour changing ability that each light brings.

Whether you’re looking to theme your wedding around a particular colour choice and would like to keep the lights a constant colour throughout, or would prefer to match the rainbow colouring of your occasion by constantly rotating the colour that the lights present, with our revolutionary love lights you can select a style that is wonderfully befitting of your big day.

In addition to the conventional love letters, we also have a range of Mr and Mrs, Mr and Mr or Mrs and Mrs lights, providing the perfect choice for either straight or gay marriages that are looking to celebrate the colourful life they share together. For more information on these truly spectacular lights please contact  us today