Marquee lights

Marquee lights

A Marquee is a fantastic wedding venue to choose if you desire a blank canvass to make your own!  Whether you opt for a traditional or contemporary style marquee, you have a blank slate that you can inject you and your loved ones personality into, to represent you as a couple.  It is an incredibly exciting wedding venue to decorate, as the possibilities are endless.

As with any venue when choosing, your wedding decorations there should be a feeling of unity throughout the day. This is even more important when decorating a marquee, as everything from the wedding breakfast, to the bar and dance area are in the same space and need to work together to create the right atmosphere.

Lighting creates the ambience and sets the tone for the whole day.  Whilst you want to create a light and airy atmosphere in a marquee, bright lights can be a mood killer so it is important to think carefully about the marquee lights you choose.

Many marquee suppliers can offer a range of marquee lighting, from romantic scene setting dimmers and up lighters, to spot lights, that when directed to the centre of each table, have the power bring to life floral arrangements and create a sense of a movement in a large marquee.

Coloured marquee lights boost the party spirit in a dance or bar area.  Our colour changing lights are the perfect decoration to transform your marquee from a romantic wedding breakfast space with a warm white light, to a party atmosphere with bright purple or red bulbs.  This colour change in your marquee lights is a great way to break from the formalities of the day time festivities and can all be down at the touch of a button!